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Baby Balloon Boxes

Baby Balloon Boxes – Why They Work

Baby Balloon Boxes

Baby Balloon Boxes  are one of our most popular and best selling Baby Shower Decorations.  We literally sell them all week long. But what makes them such a great seller? Why are so many women in Ireland looking for Baby Balloon Boxes? Here at HQ we used our industry knowledge to explain why you need Baby Boxes with balloons for your Baby Shower.


Why They Work!

  • Fill space! Baby Balloon boxes are traditionally one foot cubed, so when you put four on top of each other they can fill a really empty space in a matter of minutes. Many of us are so time poor wand life is busy! With Baby Boxes with Balloons , just one decoration can have a huge impact on a space.


  • Easy to assemble. Nobody wants to be sitting on the floor of their kitchen the morning of the Baby Shower trying to assemble complicated decorations! No matter how much you love Mum to be! Balloon boxes are so easy to assemble  – you are done in a matter of minutes. You just need to blow up the accompanying balloons and pop them in, and attach the letters to the box. And boom! You’re done.


  • Fun. They just look great! They are big and bold and set the scene for the Baby Shower, loud and proud Team with a Donut Wall and a Balloon Arch for maximum fun effect. Imagine walking into a room with these three decorations. They are great craic and add to the fun of the outing.


  • Cost Effective. Baby Balloon Boxes don’t break the bank. For the amount of space they occupy and for the impact they create, they are great value. Baby Showers can be expensive if you don’t keep an eye on costs!


  • Reusable. We are all about reusing and recycling here at So we utterly love the fact these can be used again and again. All you need are new balloons each time, which are easy to get your hands on. When the Baby Shower is over you can simply fold the boxes down and pop them away for another time or pass them to a friend organising a shower.


Balloon Boxes with lettersBaby Balloon Boxes

Balloon Boxes with Letters

Make life easy for yourself when planning a Baby Shower. Buying decorations like Balloon boxes with letters,  gives you maximum impact for a small outlay. But it also saves you something us Mums are so short of. And that is time!

For balloon boxes and and any other Baby Shower decorations, don’t forget to check out our online store.


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