Tropical baby shower

Tropical baby shower

Are you expecting a little monkey to swing into your life on a vine soon!? Throw a vibrant tropical baby shower to welcome him or her! Think big, bold leaf patterns and bright colours. Make your party space into a tasteful tropical paradise. Can you smell the coconuts already!?

Decoration :

Green leaf prints are so trendy right now! Gather all you can and get decorating. Break up different shades of greens with some bright a rich shades of yellow, orange and pink. Combine the colours of a sunset with the colours you find in a forest! These gorgeous floral napkins have exactly the colour scheme you want to embrace!

Food and Drink :

Hit the fruit section at your local super market hard! Grab a few bananas, oranges and of course pineapples! Whip up some fruit platters and serve with some delicious non-alcoholic mocktails. Your guests will be able to taste that tropical paradise they all dream of.

Games :

Pass the baby coconut! This hilarious take on the game ‘hot potato’, will have your nearest and dearest practising their baby handling skills! Pin a diaper onto a coconut. Seat your guests in a circle. Play some tropical music while friends and family pass a coconut around. Stop the music and whoever is holding the coconut is “out.” Continue until there is one person left.

We hope this post has inspired you to throw your expecting friend the tropical baby shower of her dreams! Get those leafy prints and bright colours out and celebrate in style.