The Baby (Egg) and Spoon Race Baby Shower Game

The Baby (Egg) and Spoon Race Baby Shower Game is a take on the classic egg and spoon race we all played when we children. It’s a sweet thought that your little bundle of joy will play this game some day. Also it’s brilliant fun for your guests at the shower.

What You Need:

  • An egg for each person at the Baby Shower
  • Markers, paint, crayons and anything you can think of to decorate the Baby (Egg)
  • Wooden Spoons

How to Play:

Each guest at the baby shower decorates their egg to look like a baby. They can use whatever materials they want but we do suggest having some readily available like markers, paint etc. Once decorated it’s time to organize the race where the baby will be carried on a spoon. You can decide to hold the spoon either in your hand or make it a little trickier by holding it between their teeth. The race is between two points and maybe throw in an obstacle or two. Best to play this fun baby shower game outdoors because there will be a bit of mess we’re sure.

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