‘My Waters Broke!’ Game

‘My Waters Broke!’ Game is a hysterical baby shower game that everyone at the shower can play! It doesn’t require a lot of prep but the impact is huge! It is best suited to a baby shower being held at home but you could play it at a hotel or restaurant if they were happy to keep the ice cubes in the freezer for you!

You will need:

  • Mini Baby Shower figurines
  • Ice cube trays
  • Water

How To Play:

1. The night before the baby shower you need to make some ice and pop one of these mini babies in each ice cube and let them freeze.

2. The day of the shower, when the games section of the Baby, give each guest a baby in an ice cube. The aim of the game is to melt the ice and free the baby and shout ‘My Waters broke!’. Guests can do anything to get the baby out but no biting allowed! Hand rubbing, breathing hot air, putting between legs are all fine but no biting!

3. The first person to get the baby out wins a prize! A prize could be a bar of chocolate or a scratch card!

Here are Babyshower.ie we love this baby shower game as not only is it a great game, it’s also such a laugh! Baby showers don’t all have to be about sentiment! Sometimes a really good giggle is just as important for the Mummy-to-be! And this baby shower game is one of the best!