Gender Reveal Balloon Darts

Gender Reveal Balloon Darts

Ready, aim – shoot! This exciting gender reveal game will have your guests seeing confetti flying through the air! Whether is it pink or blue, your guests are going to love it. So grab those darts! See who will pop the balloon with the pink or blue confetti!

What you need :

  • 9 small to mid-sized opaque balloons.
  • Pink or blue confetti
  • White confetti
  • A large wooden or cork board
  • Darts
  • Thumbtacks

How to set up :

  • Fill eight of the nine balloons with white confetti and inflate.
  • Fill one balloon with either pink or blue confetti, depending on the gender of the baby.
  • Using thumbtacks at base of inflated balloons, attach all nine balloons in a 3 x 3 grid to the wooden or cork board.

How to Play :

Hand out the darts to your guests and ask them to take aim! Each guest will take a turn trying to pop a balloon by throwing a dart. White confetti will pop out of most of the balloons, but one guest will hit the balloon with pink or blue confetti. This will reveal the gender of the baby!

Have your guests got a good aim!? This game is perfect for an outdoor baby shower! Draw a line in front of the board and make sure no one crosses into the line of fire!

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