Five Celebrity Baby Showers

Five Celebrity Baby Showers

1. Kim Kardashian cannot be accused of being a cheap skate when it comes to pushing the boat out for the baby shower as she gets ready to welcome baby number 4 into the world.

Kim, married to rapper Kanye West, bundled the whole Kardashian clan off to Bali where they stayed at the luxury private resort called the Soori Resort Hotel. It’s believed to have lightened her purse by about £35.000. As we all know, Kim is famous for throwing elaborate baby showers and this affair was not going to fall short in that department. This one was unusual in style as it was a CBD oil (a cannabis derivative) and meditation baby shower, where the guests rubbed in the medicinal oil, stretched out on rugs, did a bit of yoga and meditation and got their minds into the zone. Lots of beautiful beaches to stroll on; Temples to visit; villages to explore and as her Sister referred to it as a place where one can indulge in an “eat, pray and love moment”

Kim Kardashian as we all know, and all her sisters, whose first names all begin with the letter K, make up the famous family show. “Keeping up with the Kardashians”

Kim herself has become a global brand including her own branded perfume. Also popular for makeup and beauty trends and distinct fashion trends;

2. The second Celebrity baby shower falls into the lap of Stacey Solomon.

Stacey, a panelist in the TV show, Loose women looked radiant in an off the shoulder stunning white dress. While the event was low key for a celeb, there were plenty of stars knocking around her place in Essex. Ashley Roberts, Andrea McLean were spotted as were Candice Brown and Jane Moore. The day was fantastic and was held outdoors and the suspicion is that the baby could be a boy as all cakes, balloons, flowers and bits and bobs were a shade of blue. We will leave that bit of Sherlock Holmes up to the intelligent readers. We are sticking with a boy.

2. Third on the celebrity list is Kylie Jenner.

Didn’t we come across a celeb family with all the girl’s names starting with the letter K? Yes, we have rumbled this one too as she is a sister the above featured Kim Kardashian. Both sisters were expecting babies at the same time. Kylie was trying to throw the guests of the gender scent by decking out the mansion grounds in pink. The theme was a silk pajamas baby shower party. Pink balloons adorned the marquee; Pink petals floating in the garden pond. Masses of pink flowers, pint ware and cloths and a pink teddy bear for each of the guests whom were all tickled pink, no doubt;

4. The fourth Celebrity baby shower has to be the Duchess of Sussex or Meghan Markle to you and me.

She played her hands close to her chest and surprised everyone by jetting off quietly to New York and sharing her baby shower event out of the limelight with a few close friends including Amal Clooney and Serena Williams.

5. The fifth Celebrity that we focus on is Blake Lively an actress who spent time in Dublin filming “The Rhythm Section”.

Her first Baby shower was held outdoors where the guests wore big coats and capes and the menu included cakes and pumpkin pie. For her second baby Blake went for a very low key affair with a private baby shower outside New York. While in Dublin with her husband Ryan Reynolds and their two daughters Blake travelled to the little village of Avoca in County Wicklow. She described it as “The real heaven” and has encouraged all her friends and fans to go there and experience the beauty of the spot.

Well there you have it! Celebrities keep giving us trendy ideas for baby showers! These are some of the most interesting.