Find the Guest

Find the Guest

‘Find the Guest’ is a wonderful ice-breaking baby shower game. This game has all the guests get to know each other super quickly in order to try win the game. ’Find the Guest’ is an amazing game to play if there are a lot of people at the shower who don’t know each other, or even for in-laws to get to know one another better!

What you need :

  • Paper and pens for each guest
  • A list of fun facts about the guests who will be at the baby shower
  • A copy of this list for each guest that sound like this, ‘A guest here has two horses and four dogs’, ‘Guess which guest has four sons who all play rugby’, ‘Can you tell which guest here can speak sign language?’

How to play:

The guests take turns asking the questions and everyone gets a turn guessing the answer to each question. The person with the most correct answers wins! (Maybe the mom-to-be should sit this one out, as she may have an unfair advantage as the person who knows everyone here!)

This game is a great way for your guests to bond as they find out about one another and what they might have in common. It is perfect to play at the start of the baby shower to get things going. Play ‘Find the Guest’ at your upcoming baby shower and watch as this amazing game breaks the ice and gets the conversation flowing!

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