Non Alcoholic Cocktail Making

Planning a Baby Shower and not sure of what activity to choose? Why not try our non alcoholic cocktail making activity!

When people hear cocktail making they instantly think alcohol but don’t worry ladies, there’s no alcohol in this one. The non-alcoholic cocktail making activity is perfect for mums to be. Plus, all the non-alcoholic cocktails or mocktails as they’re also known are just as yummy as the alcoholic ones, YES!

For this activity you and the group will go to a bar or a mixologist will come to you. Either way you will learn from a trained pro how makes all the best mocktails out there! If you have one’s that you have in mind to make just let the mixologist know and you can learn how to make them! All the group will get at least one mocktail each to enjoy. All the delicious flavours with none of the headache the next day!

A non-alcoholic cocktail making class is a fabulous way to get all the group talking and is the perfect accompaniment to a few baby shower games!

Finally, why not enjoy a Non-Alcoholic Cocktail Making class for your Baby Shower and email us [email protected] or call 051 393003 for more details!