Baby Shower Party Favours

Baby Shower Party Favours

So, you’ve thrown the most exquisite baby shower in the world! Maybe you went for   something traditional and classy or even a trendy a Mermaid baby shower theme. You’re closest friends and family were all in attendance. Everyone gathered to spread some joy and show their love. Whether you want to match your favour to your theme or pick something versatile, we have you covered. Send them home with something they can remember the party by!

A Sweet Baby Bottle

Buy a packet of cheap baby bottles and fill them your favourite sweets! Maybe the sweets could match the colour scheme of the party! Or some simple white mini marshmallows would be perfect. A decorative and adorable way for your guests to remember your baby shower. Try tying a ribbon around each bottle and adding a paper tag. Write a thank you message on this tag and give every guest a bottle before they leave!

Chocolate Buttons

Did you check out our Cute as a Button baby shower theme?! We thought so! This ever popular theme is classic and adorable. The button theme creates a room full of cute button motifs and tasty button themed treats. Wonderful what you should give as a party favour at this kind of baby shower? You guessed it! Chocolate buttons! Chocolate buttons are a favourite for many! So tasty and easy to come by! Make them extra fancy by measuring them into some cute draw string bags!

Candle Holder

This gift is perfect and so incredibly versatile! You can order personalised thank you candles or get crafty and make your own. Everyone loves a nice candle and it is a great way to remember your event! If you are throwing something like our Twinkle Twinkle Little Star themed baby shower – why not get some candle holders with a star motif?! Perfect for any interior!

What to put them in?

Maybe you want to give your guests a little bit of everything! A sprinkle of confetti, some sweets, a slice of cake and a thank you card. If you are looking for something cute for your guests to be seen carrying home from your party – check out these beautiful party favour bags!

Now you are all set! Your friends will think of you when they are nibbling their party favour treats at home on the couch. Or, thinking of you and your new little one every time they light their new candle. What a wonderful way to say thank you for coming!