Baby Bag Game

The Baby Bag game is an easy to organise and fun to play game for any Baby Shower.

What you need

  • Nappy/Diaper bag
  • 10 nappy/diaper bag items
    • A nappy
    • A soother
    • A jar of vaseline
    • Baby wipes
    • etc
  • A pen and paper for each guest
  • A prize

How to Play

  1. Place the ten items into the nappy/diaper bag ahead of the Baby Shower
  2. Give each guest a pen and piece of paper
  3. Pass the bag around the group and ask everyone to put their hand in the bag and guess by feeling what each of the ten items are. All done while not peeking of course!
  4. The guests write down each item they think they feel on their paper
  5. Pass all the pieces of paper to the organiser and they mark the scores! The person that guesses the most correct item wins a prize!

If you are looking for ideas for prizes why not have some fun with one of our winner medals !

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