Arcade theme

Arcade theme

This Arcade theme baby shower is the ultimate retro throwback! Perfect for the gang who likes gaming. Those familiar arcade games are super quirky and fun. This baby shower theme is sure to be one that is loved by all. 

Decor :

This party is all about the decor! Go for those space invader post-it note decorations. Quick and easy to make and incredibly effective, giant post-it note space invaders will certainly create the right atmosphere for this baby shower. These foil rainbow balloons are like something straight out of a super mario game! A few of these would be perfect at your arcade themed baby shower. They would really step the cuteness level up a notch!

Food :

Mini Pac-man pancakes will continue the retro arcade theme. Simply make some mini pancakes with adding a dot of yellow food colouring to the batter. Cut out a small triangle shape to create the mouth and for the eye, add a chocolate chip. Such a quick and simple way to bring your baby shower food into the arcade theme. Remember the mushroom from Super Mario Bros? Whip up some plain vanilla cup cakes and ice with that iconic red with white polka dot mushroom top! These mushroom cupcakes will be instantly recognisable and utterly delicious.

Music :

We all know and love that old school arcade music. Most of it can be easily found online! Download a few 8-bit tracks and create a playlist. this will really complete the arcade atmosphere. Also, a lot of popular songs have been made in this 8-bit style! Find out the mom-to-be’s favourite tunes and play the arcade version. This will be sure to get a few laughs.

Everyone has their favourite arcade game, right!? From the bright colours to the fun 8-bit music, an arcade theme baby shower will be one your friends and family will always remember!